Monday, September 8, 2014

Pink and dark green...

Hello, how are you (^・ω・^ )
It's 8:30pm right now and in about 3 hours I'll be going for my first midnight game release. I'll be picking up my Destiny+Glacier White PS4 bundle from local Best Buy! I'm so excited hi hi. I'm not sure if I've already mentioned this before but I'm not really good with staying awake late. Literally, I fall asleep in no longer then 5 minutes when I got to bed and I very rarely go to bed after midnight >___<  That's why there's gigantic possibility that instead of my great plan of playing for whole night tonight, I'll be so sleepy I'll just go straight to bed hi hi (✿◠‿◠)

Ok, now let's go with another topic, last week I went with my husband to see nice sunrise at the ocean. Uhh, I don't remember when was the last time when I had to get up at 4:30am. But it was really worth it, so beautiful

And some outfit photos from few days ago:

Blouse: Taobao
Skirt: Wonder Rocket
Shoes: Payless

As always, thank you so much for reading (◡‿◡✿)

Monday, September 1, 2014

Leaves shimmering in the Sun...

Hello, how are you my dear readers ✿
Of course, today I have to again start from writing about Destiny. Yay only one week and few hours left to the premiere ♥ I don't know what will I do with myself for the next 7 days. Maybe I should take example from fluffy bears and just hibernate for this time (● ̄(エ) ̄●) Ahh, no, no, I'm just joking ^___^ I'll be studying Japanese intensively. Everyday, I'm sitting with my books for a few hours a day and preparing for my Japanese School for the next years hi hi.
Ok, now let's go back to the usual topic hi hi. Today I've decided to change a little landscape for my photos and also made some in front of the house.  I've stick with the window porch because light there is very pretty and almost every time photos form there look quite nice.
But, then again I don't want to bore you with the same location, over and over again ^___^

Blouse: Taobao
Skirt: Liz Lisa

As always thank you for reading and have a peaceful week (◡‿◡✿)

Friday, August 29, 2014

Mint gingham and blue roses...

Hello, how are you (^・ω・^ )
Yay, only 9 days until premier of Destiny. Finlay, I'll be getting my white PS4. I'm sooo, soooo happy hi hi. I've spend around 30 hours while playing beta, I wonder how much time will I spend playing full game ^____^  My character will be a Awoken Hunter ♥  I'll share with you some screenshots when I get the game.
Also my remember, when few weeks ago, I've told you I was applying to Japanese Language School in Tokyo. So, yes everything is going pretty well. I've finally finished all those annoying formalities and now I have to wait till the beginning of November for my student visa update. I'll just keep my fingers crossed and hope for the best hi hi. Living in Tokyo for a half of year would be such a wonderful adventure (◡‿◡✿)

Today's look is a little boring, but last few days were soo hot  >___< Just a dress and simple shoes, if I would wear anything more I would probably have melted...
I'm sorry for the colors, but again it was pretty late when I took those photos.

Dress: Liz Lisa
Shoes: Taobao

Thank you for your time

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

I'm back!

Hello, how are you (^・ω・^ )
I'm sorry for the recent lack of updates. I've made a small break from blogging. But I'm back now hi hi (✿◠‿◠)
About three weeks ago I've decided to make a very important, almost drastic decision  about something that was bothering for quite some time now; I've created a new PSN account! I had my old Playstation account for many, many years now, I have on it hundreds of achieved trophies and saves from thousand of hours of gameplay from many, many games. But I just could not bear my awful ID. I've even called Playstation's Customer Service and asked if they could help me with change of PSN ID, but they told me even if my claim for dropping word "Demon" would be answered positively, I would lose all trophies, etc. 
In three weeks, I'll be getting my limited edition, glacier white PS4 and I feel like this is just a perfect moment for change!
So all my dear gamer followers, if you own PS3/PS4 pleas send me friend requests, so I won't be soo sad and lonely hi hi. I would really appreciate it!

My new PSN ID is: FairyEmily 

And now let's post some outfit photos ^___^
Blouse: Taobao
Skirt: Ank Rouge (I'm sorry it got wrinkled in the car >__<)

Thank you for your time

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Calm and peaceful...

Hello, how are you (^・ω・^ )
Today instead of posting outfits photos, I want to share with you something that makes me really happy and exited ^____^
So the first news is, right now I'm applying to KCP international school!
If everything will go alright, in January I'll be going to Tokyo to study Japanese for half of the year (✿◠‿◠) I'm keeping my finger crossed, hoping whole application process will go smooth.  Probably, I should wait with writing this, until being approved, but it's such a wonderful thing hi hi.  When I think about it, I feel butterflies in my stomach, but I'm not sure if this is because of all the joy or maybe I'm just extremely nervous >___<
I came back to my daily routine of studding Japanese for a few hours a day  (which unfortunately I've
neglected for the last 1,5 year), so yeah I'm keeping myself pretty busy right now.

Another thing is, yay next week Destiny's beta starting Anyone will be playing? I'll be getting Destiny bundle with glacier white PS4 on 09.09, so I'll be playing beta only on PS3. I wonder if it'll be as good as I'm expecting it to be? Well, to be true I'm not really sure why I'm so excited about this game, I'm not even a fan of FPS to begin with... (Although there are of course few that I enjoyed planing very much, like for example Bordelands or Bioshock) Also, when I'll finally get my PS4 on  September I'm thinking about starting doing some streaming. Hmm, I don't know, my husband said that maybe that could help a little with my shyness. Will see, maybe it'll be fun (◡‿◡✿)
Ahh, and one month after premier of Destiny, there will be Dragon Age Inquisition! Such a wonderful  Autumn for games  hi hi. I really can't wait!

 The sun is shinning, some cute birds are chirping in the tree right behind my window, I'm eating taste caramel cookies.  I feel so, sooo calm, peaceful and light, I could just evaporate in to air and be everything and nothing

And some random photo, I don't want the post to be one, boring wall of text (✿◠‿◠)

Ahh, I would almost forgot! Congratulations to all the lucky girls who were chosen as a winners in the Kawaii International Contest. I'm so happy for you, pleas enjoy your wonderful time as a kawaii leaders

Thank you for reading.
Have a wonderful day (^・ω・^ )

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Chained roses...

Hello (^・ω・^ )
Few days ago I was trying to to arrange my hair acessories in more creative way.  I think it tured out looking quite nice. In April or May, I've bought from ebay this cute chain hair piece, but when I was trying to wear it alone, it gave my head somehow funny shape. I don't know how to explain it correctly, it's just it didn't look right. So I thought ~ hmm maybe I'll add some flowers~ and yes, it worked well hi hi (✿◠‿◠)

Btw,  I'm working on review of the *famous* Miss Manga mascara. It should be up sometime next week, so if your interested and will have some free time, pleas visit (^・ω・^ )

Thank you for reading

Friday, July 4, 2014

Mint and daisies...

Hello (^・ω・^ )
How are you doing my dear readers?
This week summer seasons of anime are starting ^___^ Of course as everyone, I'm really excited to see Sailor Moon. And also yay for the 2nd season of Free! Uhh, I remember when my husband had showed me a PV of it, before the 1st was even out, I said that I would never ever watch that >___<  But as soon as I saw few minutes of the first episode it grown on me so much. The humor was actually funny, characters were adorable and likable, sooo cute (◠‿◠✿)

Ok, as always, now it's time for some photos
Simple casual for a hot day...


Thank you for reading
and have a wonderful day (✿◠‿◠)

Friday, June 27, 2014

Lace and summer...

Hello everyone (^・ω・^ )

How was your week? Mine was slightly lazy and maybe I could even say boring, but I'm planing to go for a nice picnic with my husband on Sunday ^____^

Inspired by hundreds of photos of cute girls on my tumblr's dashboard I've deiced to experiment a little bit with aegyo sal makeup. At the moment it's not the exact look,  I would say it's more like a inspiration. I've ordered nice liquid teardrop liner, so maybe when I get it, I'll post some proper close-up photos (๑>◡<๑)

I'm sorry, today's outfit photos look more messy then usually.  My blouse should be on my shoulders, like on the detail photo below, but I was in a hurry and didn't realize that after putting on bag, sleeves moved up >____<

Also I want to show you a wonderful present I got from one of my dear internet friends. She drew us together (◡‿◡✿)  It's soo adorable ♥ Once again, thank you so much Alice

And to conclude today's post I want to  share with you photo of my new computer. I got Surface Pro 3 ^____^ I can't even remember the last time when I bought computer.... Well it was many, many years ago hi hi.

As always, thank you for your time and have a wonderful weekend

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Hat, flower and a butterfly....

Hello everyone  (^・ω・^ )
How are you today?
So the contest hosted by Kawaii.i and Kawaii International has ended.  First of all, of course I want to thank you soo soo much for your support, all the nice comments and voting for me last week. I'm soo happy to have such a kind and wonderful readers (◠‿◠✿) Thank you!
The results will be announced in two weeks, on 9th of July. Can't wait to see who will be chosen. There are few girls I'm cheering for and hope that it will be one of them hi hi.

Ok, so this weekend I got new laptop (I'll write about it a little bit more in my next post) and I was incredibly surprised how different my my photos looked. On my old computer colors of my edits are bright and rather natural, but on the new one they are pretty dark and very yellowish-green O____O  Hmm, now I wonder which display is more true?
Today I'm posting photos with colors edited on new laptop, so yes could you pleas tell me if they look better for you, or did the ones form before had nicer colours?  I feel so confused now >___<

Ok, thank yo so much for your time and pleas take care ^____^

Thursday, June 19, 2014

In pink and blue....

Hello my dear readers (^・ω・^ )
How are you doing today? I hope everything is Ok!

So, tha Kawaii.i contest is still continuing and I must say I'm pretty amazed how many votes I got from you ♥ To bu true, at the beginning I was thinking I won't get more then 10 or 15... But at the moment I have over 230 votes on my first photo (*^▽^*) And even though, I'm pretty far from the top of the list, still I'm so happy to get such a positive response!

But of course, the voting is open till Saturday evening, and I would deeply appreciate every vote.
Again, I'm really sorry for bothering you with this (◡‿◡✿)

So yes, in this contest Kawaii.i is looking for prospective Kawaii Leader, some who would spread  "kawaii" around the world.
Why I have entered? Because I would love to show the simple and romantic side of kawaii and that people of any age can enjoy it. As you know, I've already finished my college, I'm married and already I'm in my late twenties and still enjoying cute, romantic fashion. I truly believe that everyone should have the chance to look outside the same way they feel inside (✿◠‿◠)

And now let's go back to photos. This are my two outfits form the last few days.

I'm sorry for the weird colors on photos of the 1st outfit, but they were taken pretty late and I had to work a little bit with color settings and filters.

Thank you so much for your time (◡‿◡✿)

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Kawaii.i Contest, Vote for Emilka!

Hello my dear readers (^・ω・^ )
Today I will have a request for you! some time ago I've entered Kawaii.I photo contest and I was wondering if I could ask you to vote for me? I'm sorry for asking for such a annoying thing, but I would really, really appreciate if you cold spend a minute or two of your precious time and give your vote to my photos:

There are so many beautiful and well known girls who have entered, and I'm more on the anonymous side, but well how the saying goes?  The one who loses for sure is the one who doesn't even try, yes? That's why I'm humbly asking for your support and hope you'll enjoy this contest week with me (●˘◡˘●)

To be true, I've rushed a little bit with my entry and I'm not really pleased with my choice of outfit photo, but unfortunately there wasn't any possibility to change, so there's no sens in crying over spilled milk.

I had hard time choosing between rewards, Gold's Infinity long dress was soo pretty, but in the end I went with Swankiss adorable white dress.  I think Swankiss is a little bit closer to my style. Last week, I've tried to create outfit inspired by this brand. What do you think?

Thank you for your time
and again, I'm sorry to bother you with the voting (◡‿◡✿)
Take care (=^・ω・^)y=

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Chocolate and Strawberries...

Hello, how are you doing?
Ahh, beginning of this week was soo interesting. For the last two days, I was doing almost nothing more, then watching E3. Many, many wonderful games are coming, I'm so excited! Epically for this  beginning of Autumn. Destiny and Dragon Age Inquisition look so incredibly amazing. I don't know how will endure this next 3 months of waiting >___<  Ohh, and I still don't own PS4... and now I'm torn between two options, buy one in July and play Destiny beta test or wait till reals date (September 9th) and get Destiny bundle with limited edition glacier white PS4 (* ̄(エ) ̄*) It's soo pretty ♥ What to do, what to do? I should wait, right? Mmmmm, I can see with the eyes of my imagination  this cute white game pad decorated with pretty decoupage rose stickers (●˘◡˘●)

Ok, I could  probably write whole long essay about everything I've seen in those last 2 days, but I don't want to bore you to much ^__^

Blouse:  Taobao
Skirt: Ank Rouge

Last week was also my birthday, and I've made myself my favorite chocolate sponge cake. It was soo tasty hi hi.

Thank you for your time and have a wonderful week (✿◠‿◠)

Monday, June 2, 2014

Ivy tangled in my hair...

Hello my dear reader (^・ω・^ )
How are you doing? Hope everything's good ^___^
So, in 1,5 of week there will be E3. I'm alwyas sooo exited about it! I'm alwyas watching Sony's conference and all new games trailers. Last year was all about PS4 premiere so maybe this time there will be some nice info about new games! I would love to see new trailers of Daron Age Inquisition, Destiny and I'm hoping for maybe some info about new Fallout ♥ It also would be nice if there would be something about new PS4 game from Souls series, well actually I don't really know if it's actually part of the series or a new game? I mean how wonderful it would be to get a new Souls title year after Dark Souls 2???  (●˘◡˘●)
Ahh, and I still I have glimpse of hope that "Last Guardian" will be resurrected for Sony's new console, but the odds of this happening are probably almost non existing >___<

Ok, enough about games for now and time for some photos (✿◠‿◠)
Yesterday I went with my husband to see USS Albacore, a submarine turned into sightseeing spot. Maybe I'll post some photos form the tour insight next week but now I just want to do simple outfits post

Sweater: Ingni
Dress: Taobao
Bag: H&M

As always, thank you for your time ^___^