Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Frist post

After a long time I've finally decide to start a blog. Knowing myself I always thought that I'll be too lazy to update it frequently so I never bothered with it but form a long time I had this though about writing a blog somewhere in the back of my head.  Now, after I've graduated from college, and moved form Poland to USA I have a lot to free time so I will give it a try.
I'll probably write here about video games, cute, ethereal fashion, fairytale like things and I'll be posting my outfit photos.
I'm not really sure if I'll write here in Polish or in English, I would prefer English but... well unfortunately my gramma isn't the best. Also form time to time I probably will write in Japanese to practice my skills.

Ahh, and for good start, first outfit of the day!


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