Thursday, August 23, 2012


Few days ago I went with my husband to see ruins of old fort.
Here's my outfit form that day.

Wind was blowing form the ocean so my hair got really messy >____<


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  2. Emily, I like your blog so much! I don't remember how I found you... I think I was looking on tumblr for similar fashion (we have similar taste). I was reading your blog then, and I read that you are from Poland that moved to USA! I moved from Finland to Canada, then to USA. I am surprised how much we have in common!! I am 23 ^^ We like all the same things, lolita fashion, fairies, pastel colors, nature, ethereal things... We even both have very long hair (mine is also past my waist a lot) Do you have an email? I would love to email someone else from europe that moved to the US that has similar taste... Or do you have facebook?

    1. Awww, hello! Thank You so much for your wonderful comment. It was so nice to read it. How long are You in US, and can I ask in which part of America You live? I'm living in New England, New Hampshire state to be precise, it's quite peaceful here and I quite enjoy it ^____^
      I have facebook, tough I don't use it to much >___< Here's link to it
      Emial exchange sound really nice, can I message You somehow? To protect my poor inbox from spam I would prefer no to write it in comment ^____^