Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Knights, tigers and freezing cold...

Last week I went with my husband to see King Richards Fair. It's a medieval stylized  market full of stalls and stores with fantasy/ medieval things like clothing, weapons and jewelry. It also offers a variety of different shows like knight's battles, story tellers or Scottish pipers.
First of all I must say that days was sooooo insanely cold. I freeze to my very own bones. Because of that of course I couldn't enjoy the fair as much as I wanted too >_____< 
I'm not sure if it's because the low temperature or because my lack of good sens of humor but unfortunaly I didn't like to much most of the shows.
Ahh, but let's don't talk about the bad things. Now it's time for the knights! 
Yay knight! I'm soo in love with knighthood and the knight ethos. I always wanted to be pure, fairy tale knight riding on majestic horse and saving peasants and princesses from the forces of evil <3  That's why in almost every game with character customization I play as a knight like heroin!

I have never have the occasion to try horse riding. One of my two thing  I would love to learn is horse riding. Looking  at people on horses always feels my with admiration  and a little bit of  jealousy.
Second thing is fencing <3

 There was also the tiger show. 
Attendants were showing different kinds of tigers on the stage and promoting protection of our beautiful mother nature and of course tigers and their natural environment.
Too bad I was sitting in the back and couldn't see those wonderful animals in close. And ahhh, for the first time in my life I've seen the liger! He was just enormous!

And in the end my outfit from that day. Unfortunately I don't have any good photos so pleas excuse my weird face on this one >____< My bang covered half of my eye and because of that I look mad or something...


  1. Im częściej wpadam na twojego bloga, Emilko, tym bardziej mam wrażenie, że ty naprawdę jesteś wróżką albo nimfą.
    Gratuluję. Wszystko piękne, zdjęcia, sposób pisania i twoje kreacje. Miło się na to patrzy.
    Łapię się na tym, że czytam twojego bloga od początku do końca kolejny raz.
    Naprawdę super ^.^

    1. Dziękuje Ci za komentarz, bardzo miło mi się go czytało <3
      Naprawdę się cieszę, że ktoś z przyjemnością sobie go ogląda.

  2. Kurczę zdjęcia aż prześwietlone, a tu, że zimno :D przynajmniej macie słońce a nie szarugę jak u nas ;)
    Twoja mina <3

    1. No właśnie kurcze to był jedyny taki super zimny dzień tej jesieni i akurat przytrafił się na wyjazd >__< Oczywiście od tamtego weekendu codziennie po 15-18 stopni.
      Słyszałam że dzisiaj nawet śnieg u was spadł, tutaj za to z krótkim rękawkiem można było chodzić.