Wednesday, November 14, 2012

So you think you can ride this chocobo?

I haven't play any good jrpg for some time now so I decided it's time to get a new game!
Unfortunately there aren't too many good jrpg games for ps3 so I really didn't know what to choose. In the end I felt a little bit nostalgic and decided to buy Final Fantasy 13-2.

I adore FF series soooo much but to be true, FF13 is my least favorite game of all FF games I've played. The characters weren't memorable like heroes from previous games and I just didn't feel any emotional connection with them ( not like for example with Tidus and Yuna; I was silently weeping for the whole FF10 ending >_____<), the story wasn't too exacting, there was no interaction with npc's, no free exploring. The game was just boring for me and I really fast forgot about it. I think if I had to point out its best point it would be defiantly battle music. I would say it's the most thrilling and proud battle theme I've ever heard! And I admit, riding chocobo on the wide, grassy and full of various living creatures  plains of Gran Pulse was quite exacting.
I didn't have too high exeptetion for FF13-2 but suprily I enjoyed playing it. First thing is the new Lightning design! Ohh my, she looks marvelous in her feather armor! Sliver shield and sword suites her sooo much like she would meant to be knight form the very beginning <3 Actually looking at proud lady knight Lithing made me buy this game! Ahh, when she's soaring the sky of Valhalla on Selphinrs back looks sooo majestic! It makes my little fairy heart pound faster <3

In FF13-2 (without dlcs) only 2 characters are playable; Serah and Nole and when Serah is quite cute Noles is... well he's Noel...  To make him a little more interesting, I made him wear the dlc N7 armor hi hi.  I also wanted the white mage outfit for Serah but my husband proudly presented me with the bikini  >____<

What I really enjoyed playing this game was monster taming! What can be more adorable then fighting alnog side of you Behemoth whit cute chocobo chick on his head, or a medic chocobo with cactuar ornamenting his back <3 I still have some monster to tame, I'm especially looking forward to have my own Tonberry on the team!

 The story again isn't the best part of FF13-2. Usually when time travel is involved with the plot nothing good comes out of it...  But I must say new desings of old character are soooo much better then the previous ones! 1000 point for new Snow looks.

The battle system for me is too simple and practically it's limited to choosing between 3 tactics. Random encounters doesn't give too much challenge so I'm not really keen about this either.
Well FF13-2 is for my a little bit too casual and I still don't admire it as much as the other FF games but I had some nice time with this game. Actually it reminded me of a FF10-2.
Also, ahhh the song from "Dying World" it's just heart moving, soooo sorrowful and melancholic.
Uhh, I only wanted to write some of my thoughts about FF but it turned out to bee quiet a long post, I'm sorry >____<

If anyone would like to add me as a firend here's my ps3 ID: Demon_Emily
Too bad I can't change my account name, "demon" doesn't suits little, green creature like me anymore...


  1. Ahh I was going to play this game very soon! I recently finished FF13 and the only thing that kept me going was that I loooove Lightning (she's so cool! *_*) and that it has beautiful scenery. But I watched my friend play the Japanese version of FF13-2 and it seems much better than the previous one :3 I love the cat-creature! <3

    1. I love how Lightning looks in FF13-2 and now I'm really looking forward to the "Lightning returns: Final Fantasy13-3" I hope this game will be even better. I wonder about the plot (FF13-2 actually ends in the middle of the story!).
      Yes, Mog is adorable, tough I prefer when Moogls just make their "kupo" sound and aren't dubbed.

  2. I'm an old fart who just really adores the older Final Fantasies and really dislikes the newer ones, but I had no idea monster taming was involved... Now I kind of want to give the newer ones a second chance. FFXII just broke my heart so much with how terrible the battle system was and the amount of unnecessary cutscenes. Right now I'm busy playing Skyward Sword though, hehe!

    1. Yes, I know how you feel. I also find older FF much more interesting. Even tough I don't like the new one so much I just can't skip any FF game, I'm deeply attached to some series and just have to play them (tough, I'll defiantly wont buy new Devil May Cry...)
      Well, to be true I preferred FF12 battle system to the one from FF13 >____< Also 12 was set in the FF Tactics world of Ivalice which I really adore hi hi.

  3. did you play it until the end? I also thought that 13 was already pretty boring. and I just couldn't finish 13-2. I'm still stuck somewhere in the middle lol. I liked plying older FFs for the story. but this one just doesn't have a good one.-. and I also didn't like the characters. As you said, I also just forgot about the whole game quickly. and soon there will be antother part of it..Lightning Returns FF13...mehh.
    btw I hope it's okay to follow you*_* I'm new to blogspot, but always loved your outfits on daily lolita etc. I used to wear lolita as well. still do sometimes.

    1. Thank you so much for your nice comment <3
      Yes, I've finished both FF 13 and 13-2. At the beginning I was a little bit excited about Lightning Returns, but now, when I've seen some trailers and screenshots I'm quite disappointed....