Friday, November 9, 2012

Taming the Taobao monster!

I'm planing to start writing series of post with reviews of taobao stores and clothing. I shop from there quite often and now own quite a nice collection of different dresses, blouses, shoes and so on.
I tried different stores and from most of them I got really nice things but I know it really easy to end up with some low quality, unfitting and unfaltering clothing. That's why I want to share with you some of my experience.
Today I wan to start with small list of my favorite stores, but first some advices:

  1. Always look on seller's statistics. You wan to choose seller with 100% positives. Also it's good to choose seller with lots of transactions. You can tell the differences by looking at the sings under the seller name. The best are golden crowns, then blue crowns, diamonds, red hearts.  I usually don't buy from sellers who doesn't have at least 3-4 diamonds.
 2. It's always good to buy form sellers who provide their own original photos of products. You want to see what you will actually get, isn't that right?
 3.Browse trough different stores, often prices of the same items wary from seller to seller.
 4.  This is of course common sense but I'll write it anyway, if something seems to cheep it's better not to take chances and don't buy it.
 5. Carefully look at the garment's measurements. Taobao sizing tends to be much smaller then average European\American. I'm petite (155cm\40kg) so for me it's actually a big advantage because I can get clothing that actually fit small, little fairy creature like me. If you're taller, it's good to keep in mind that some dresses or skirts can end up being too short.
6. If you are unsure about specific item it's good to ask your shopping service for opinion. They should help you with all your concerns.

Shopping service:
I'm using Taobaospree for almost a year now and I can highly recommend them. They respond really fast, provide me with all the necessary information and always answer every question. Unfortunately, I haven't use any other ss, so I can't write anything more useful.
Now, some of my favorite store list:
Cute clothing:
MM Angel
Lots and lots of adorable laces, pearls, frills and delicate, ethereal materials.  Lovely place to look for nice blouses, sweaters and dresses.
Ruis collection
Both of this stores provide the same assortment. Very cute, romantic garments mostly in delicate, pastel colors. Wonderful place for sweet and innocent, everyday dresses <3

Surface spell
Wonderful store with classic/sweet lolita clothing. They have their own unique prints and some really beautiful dresses inspired by historical clothing.
Surface spell gothic
The same as the one above but with more gothic/aristocrat garments.
Dear Celine
Good store for nice lolita blouses. Also I highly recommend their petticoats <3
They have a lot of cute lolita garments and some really nice original prints. Sweet, classic, gothic, every one can find something adorable for themselves<3

Warm an cozy clothing for every lovely forest girl.

I think that's all for now. Tough this entry didn't mean to be a guide but rather small collection of few advices, I hope it'll be useful for anyone who's planing to start ordering from Taobao.

I'm sorry, I know my writing skills in English are quite poor,  so pleas excuse my "wonderful" gramma.


  1. Thank you so much for sharing this with us!! ♥

  2. I just opened the links, and I have to say that I NEED absolutely everything from Lucky House *_______*

    1. I know how you feel! It's always quite a pickle to try and choose only 2 or 3 items from them!

  3. In my opinion, Rose Melody store is very interesting too : )
    look here:

    1. Yes, Rose Melody indeed has some really nice design. I even lucky to own theirs beautiful white dress with the golden chandelier embroidery.
      I really like how they use delicate and a little bit ethereal material <3
      Too bad RM don't update its assortment to often.

  4. May I ask you about the quality of the clothes at this store ? They have gorgeous clothes and I really want to buy from there ;A;

    1. I own 3 long skirts and I think 5 dresses from this store and I must say everything is great quality. 100% true with pictures.
      Materials are nice in touch, laces are beautiful, stitch are well done. I'm really pleased with everything I bought from them.

    2. Thank you very much sweetheart! <3

  5. Thank you so much for this, I must confess that every time I want to buy from Taobao the fact of having to deal with a SS makes me change my mind, even if I dealt with SS before, but I want so many things from taobao!

    Girls that glitter love the dark

    1. Yes, I know buying direct from the store is sooo much easier, and you don't have to worry about the additional costs and all. Fortunately my SS is very nice and friendly and she takes really good care of my orders.

  6. Oh my! Where did you get the shoes (from which store if you can remember :))?