Thursday, December 13, 2012

Ohh my, fairy and the Eyeamezing lashes....

Today I decided to do something different. It'll be false lashes review but with -tam ta ta taaammm- a video! Actually I'm a little bit nervous to post it >___<
For a long time I was unsure of falsies. I tough that maybe it was too much for a everyday look. Mother nature blessed me with beautiful hair but in exchanged she give me very thing and short lashes. I've tried different mascaras but I never liked the effect. In the end I came to the most obvious conclusion that niece false lashes looks one hundred time cuter and natural then real lashes covered in tones of mascara. Eyes complemented by some adorable lashes always give whole face more cute and girly appearance <3

First:  Eyemazing  Pure no.703
I must say I really love this lashes! They are very delicate and nicely fit my shape of eyes. Actually when I've applied them for the first time, before making lower eyelid makeup, they give me a little bit of dropping eye effect. However, when I've finished whole eye the look was just perfect <3 They're not too big and comfortable, so I can wear them for whole day without any irritations.
I'll defiantly repurchase them in the future!

Eyemazing Kyary Pamyu Pamyu no. 501
This lashes are really big! The biggest I've ever had! Well they're signature by Kyary so you can expect them to be defiantly far from ordinary look hi hi. I was really exited to try them out! The design is really cute, they soft in touche but a little bit  heavy. I wear them only once and after about 3 hours my eyes became slightly tired. As I said they are really big and really noticeable on my fairy eyes. I think no.501 are better suited for photos, or some dress up occasions then everyday use. Also looking at pictures on the internet I would say they nicely complemented by circle lenses. I've never had occasion to try any lenses but if I'll ever own any I'll defiantly pair them with this lashes for a nice dolly look <3
 I think both, 501 and 703 were good purchase and I'm happy with them, tough as I said before I wont use Kyary lashes as often as the "pure" ones.
And at last my small video. I'm not sure if I should post it and I really hope I wont regret it later. I'm very shy creature and this awful stress me and actually even thinking about it makes my poor, weak hear pound strongly  but on the other hand my fairy spirit want to do something new. I'm sorry for the low quality, I made it with 3DS  >_____<



  1. Awww, super cute, don't regret posting it! :)

    1. Owwww, thank you sooo much, that's soo nice <3
      Maybe next time I'll try to do a hair tutorial,I think that could be more useful than this blurry review hi hi.

  2. You look adorable, don't dare taking it down! Hahahahaha!
    I know recording videos can be a little overwhelming at first, but do not regret it, you look great! Plus I love the lashes and how they look in movement...

    Girls that glitter love the dark

    1. Hi hi, thank you soo much for your nice words <3 It's really nice to hear it. Maybe I'll try to do something more interesting next time ^____^

  3. Jak laleczka :D
    Lumi jakiego podkładu używasz? masz przepiękną cerę :)

    1. Selcia, jak widać na starość mi się w głowie przewraca... Albo może to od siedzenia w domu mi takie głupoty przychodzą do głowy >_____<
      Używam BB kremu MISSHA Signature Real Complete no.13 milky beige na zmianę ze Skinfoodowym Good Afternoon Honey Black Tea no.1 i puder Sweet Potato Chiffon Cake no.13
      Krem z Misshy i puder są bardzo jasne i razem dają całkiem dobry efekt "porcelanowej" buzi. Na zdjęciach prezentuje się bardzo ładnie, niestety na żywo, szczególnie z bliska widać, że ma się coś na buzi.

    2. Zawsze coś tam widać - ja jeszcze nie widziałam na żywo podkładu czy BB creamu który wyglądać jak w filmach czy pismach (ach ten photoshop ;) )
      ale wezmę pod uwagę Twoje kosmetyki bo szukam nowego kremu BB (wcześniej używałam BB od Skin79) ale chyba muszę zaopatrzyć się w coś innego.

      a rzęsy Eyemazing Kyary Pamyu Pamyu no. 501 - wyglądają nieziemsko :)
      sa wystarczająco miekkie, wygladaja naturalnie?

  4. W tych drugich jest ci tak super <3

    1. Hi hi dziękuję <3
      Jak dla mnie te, te rzęsy są nieziemsko wielkie, ale o dziwo nadal wyglądają na oku cute, a nie jak rzęsy dla drag queen!

  5. I agree, mascara is horrible stuff that make your eyelashes clump and look spidery. False eyelashes look more natural and beautiful