Friday, February 1, 2013

Drinking tea, sleeping, waiting for the spring to begin...

Ahh, I'm so bored today. I could just go lay in bed and sleep for whole day >___< I just don't have motivation to do anything, I'm not even in a mood to play any games. I'm just eating cookies and chocolate, drink tea and do nothing. I feel like such a hikikomori, I very rarely leave my apartment, and don't meet with any people at all. This is one of the biggest disadvantages of living abroad, in small town and not knowing anyone there >_____<
Ahh, I want spring already!
I really would love to have a dog. Cute, snow white Samoyed would make my fairy heart sooo happy <3 Unfortunately, because we don't know for how long we will be staying here in Usa I can't have a dog now.
Anyway, I'm sooo bored that I even overshopped my photos and I'm posting it here hi hi.

一日中ごろごろしている。 朝から眠いだ。少しケーキを食べたり紅茶を飲んだりしました。何もしない。。。
犬を飼いたいだ。 サモエドが大好きだ! 雪のように白くて可愛いだね。 犬があったら長い散歩ができる。
ひとりで散歩するのはちょっと寂しいね。ここに友達がないしだれも知らないし, 夫とだけアパートを出かけます。。。


  1. Pozwolę sobie zapytać, cóż to za aparat i czy jesteś z niego zadowolona:) Przymierzam się do zaczęcia zbierania na jakiś, ale rozeznanie mam zerowe >.<

    1. Mam Sony Nex 5n. Sprawdza się całkiem dobrze i przyznam, że jestem z niego zadowolona. Jest prosty w obsłudze, robi ładne zdjęcia w dobrej jakości i całkiem nieźle nadaje się dla kogoś, kto jak, ja, ma dość marną wiedzę na temat fotografii ^____^
      Zdecydowanie mogę go polecić.

  2. Your outfit is really cute!
    And I felt in live for your shoes with socks ~*

    1. Thank you <3
      I really like to wear cute shoes with adorable, lace socks hi hi <3

  3. OMG beautiful! I love your hair!


  4. You looks great, like always. And it's amaizing that You just eating cookies and chocolate and looks like this! Btw, I'm doing nothing too, but I have so many things to do! I wish to have time to be bored.

  5. Your home is... omg my dreamhome! You're really lucky <3

    (I'm not sure if you're reading my blog, but I merged my old blog with the new one, so now I use the other one, although the address haven't changed: but you're subsribed to the other one ;))

    1. Thank you <3333
      Tough my apartment still needs some work. It has ugly, too small kitchen, and the are cables everywhere >___<
      Tv cables,computer cables, ps3 cables.....
      I'm reading every entry on your blog, and already joined the second one ^____^
      I'm sorry, I have to comment more often >____<

  6. Your hair is so beautifull!! *^* Could you please tell me your secrets to have such a beautifull hair like yours?? I'm trying to get my hair to grow healthy and fast and fortunatly my hair grows really fast like 4cm each month and a half. I'm really lucky for that but it isn't allways healthy, unfortunatly... Could you please help me? o^o

    1. Aww, your so lucky, it grows soo fast, even faster then my hi hi.
      Would you mind wait a little bit with my answer? I'm planing to do a post here about the way I take care of my hair around next week ^____^

  7. I always adore your beautiful hair, they look so nice to touch and beautiful * A *
    How long did you grow it?

    1. Aww, thank you soooo much, thats so sweet for you to say <3
      Actually, it's hard to say because my hair was always long and from some time now, I only cut it every now and then about 10-15cm to keep it thick and even.