Thursday, May 23, 2013

Day 4 and 11 Akihabara

Today will be another post with some photos form my trip. This time Akihabara!
I was there 2 times but I decided to put all the photos in one post.
First time we were mostly sightseeing and taking photos, and second time we've done small shopping for some cute game\anime goods. Unfortunately both times, the weather was awful (especially on day 11), it was gray and sooooooo windy >____<

We went to Club Sega ans Taito Station to try and catch something from Ufo and play some arcades but unfortunately, taking pictures was forbidden so no photos from there.  Also it was soooo loud there! Loud noise is something I can't endure for too much time, so we didn't stay there for too long. But still we had opportunity to play awesome game! I can't recall the name now, but it was survival horror fps.  We were sitting in pitch black cabin, the sits were moving, there were this bursts of cold air, roaring of the creatures. I must say for the first time I felt so scared that I started to scream O__O If you ever had the opportunity, I really, really, really recommend to play this arcade!

When I was in Japan 3 years ago, I had the opportunity to go to the maid cafe and I had so much fun, so I really wanted to go there one more time with my husband <3 We went to @home cafe and awwwww all the maids were soooooo adorable hi hi. I can't even express in words how funny it was, watching my husband who, usually in public is rather serious person, doing cute gestures with maid <3
On the second day we visited more anime stores to buy some souvenirs. I was looking for a nice 3DS case, especially I wanted green one but I couldn't find any.. Why there are no green cases, green is such a pretty color >___<  In the end I got gradient, light blue one and decorated it with some Shirokuma Cafe stickers.
Some photos from different stores:

For more anime experience, we went to  Good Smile Cafe. One of the themes was new Disgaea and of course as a fans of the series, that's what we have chosen. Cafe was full of figurines and arts various anime and games, and of course lots of Miku. I also have to mention how adorable our waiter was hi hi <3 The food was also game themed but apart from the name, there weren't many similarities ^___^

Sakura Miku

After that we've done a little bit of walking to enjoy some evening scenery of Akihabara.
 And here are some things we got. As you can see it's not much, next time we definitely need to buy more!

Again, thank you for your time ^____^


  1. The part-time panda shirt is so cute! I really hope to visit Akihabara one day. You look very pretty in the pictures ^_^

    1. Thank you <3
      I also hope you will have opportunity to visit Akihabara ^___^

  2. I love arcades*-* I caught a Rilakkuma plushie 2 or 3 years agoxD yay
    I didn't know you're not allowed to take pictures there. I think we still did xD

    How did you get a pic with the maid? Did you win the janken game?*-* I wanted to go to @home cafe too, but the queue was so I ended up going to a different cafe. How long did you wait to enter?