Friday, August 9, 2013

Dragon's Crown

Hello everyone,

How are you today ^___^
In this post I want to write a little bit about game I've finally got this week - Dargon's Crown!
I've seen a lot negative opinion about it, especially about the artwork style and it makes me a little bit sad because I really love this game. First of all I'm big fan of Vanillaware, I find Odin's Sphere one of the most beautiful and enchanting game I've ever played with it's wonderful story, interesting character and just breathtaking backgrounds <333 That's probably why, when long, long time ago I've seen first screens from DC. I also had some mixed feeling about it. I was expecting to see something similar to OD or Grim Grimoire, and DC art style is very unique. But after first "shock" this grotesque, unnatural style started to grown on me. Now after playing it for a few days I'm as much in love with this game as I'm with Odin's sphere. And ahhh, it has such a lovely and pleasant music <333

I don't want to write here any big review of the game, so I'll just keep it to the minimum. I just want to say it's really, really wonderful ^____^ Too bad it's so short though...
As a my main character I've chosen elf. She's looks adorable and I even though I usually play with melee classes, I enjoy playing as her. I'm also soo happy that it has local coop mode. There's nothing better then storming dungeons with my husband's wizard hi hi!

Ok, enough writing, now's time for some photos ^___^
Sooo, first my outfit for picking up the preorder at Gamestop:

Its funny because my face is hmm how to say it... quite 3D... I have sunken eyes and standing in the full light or shadow makes such a change to my appearance

Preorder came with beautiful artbook <3

And me with the game!
I wanted to make a cute photo but on every picture where I didn't have weird face there was light reflecting from game's cover... That's just my luck...
Then after two hours or soo when I've removed my lenses, some of the makeup, and my hair became much more messy, my husband said this way I look much better and suggest to make another photo, so I'm posting 2nd version too ^____^
Ok again, thank you so much for your time. I'm really gratful that there are some people out there who like to visit my blog every now end then <3
Have a wonderful weekend ^___^


  1. I love your outfit! You look so cute, and your makeup os so beautyful!
    I never had heard of that game, but after seeing the pictures I wanted to try it.

    Have a nice day!

  2. You are so pretty! And I love your floral headband. May I ask where you bought it? ♥

    1. Thank you very much ^___^
      I got it form taobao but unfortunately that store doesn't exists anymore.
      But you can find a lot of cute, similar flower crowns here"

  3. haven't played that game yet but the artwork looks nice I think*_*

    you look cute, also with messy hair xDD
    ahh and I know that feeling>-< I also hate when I want to take a pic of something but the light is reflecting ;-;

  4. Świetnie wyglądasz! :) masz śliczną sukienkę ^^

  5. masz piękny makijaż na tych fotkach z grą <3

    1. Dziękuję, bardzo mi miło, że ci sie podoba ^___^

  6. I'm so happy to know that you love Odin's Sphere!*__*
    Unfortunately I haven't played it yet, but the artwork is just amazing and so is the music *><* I didn't know Dragon's Crown though o.o

    1. I hope you will have opportunity to play one of those games because both of them are just amazing ^___^

  7. Fajnie, że możesz grać razem z mężem;) Takie rzeczy bardzo integrują;)
    Już Ci chyba kiedyś pisałam jak bardzo pasuje Ci seledynowy;) zwłaszcza w połączeniu z różowymi dodatkami;) ciekawi mnie tylko czy ta sukienka na górze jest bardzo luźna czy bardziej przyległa? Naszyjnik też jest śliczny;)

    z grą obie fotki śliczne, tylko każda w innym klimacie;) w pomarańczowym sweterku to wyszła taka bardziej jesienna Emilka;)

    P.S. Wyglądasz bardzo podobnie do tej elficzki z artbooka^^

    1. Jak zwykle dziękuję Ci serdecznie za komentarz ^___^
      Sukienka u góry jest dość luźna i tak naprawdę trochę za szeroka na mnie. Musiałam ją z tyłu pospinać agrafkami, bo inaczej zsuwała się ze mnie >___<