Friday, August 30, 2013

Fairy Emily's makeup idea

Today I want to share with you my new video. This time I want to show you how I do my makeup. I'm often asked about it, so I hope this will be a good answer. I'm not really all that good with makeup so tutorial would be just too big word for it. That's why just like with my other hairstyle videos I think its better just to call it an idea.
This is not my everyday makeup, it's rather something I wear for photos or special occasions.
I'm sorry if this video is not too helpful..

Music: Atelier Ayesha
-Yoi no Hoshi
- Flower Offering
-Glass Cotton Flower

Thank you for your time <333

I didn't mention it earlier but I'm taking part in Japanese fashion magazine CanCam, Google+ model audition. The winner can became model for this magazine <3 In the first part of the contest, everyday for three months, one person with the biggest number of +1, comments and shares on their entry is chosen. And now you probably now what I'm going to write now...
So my dear readers, if you have a moment of your precious time to spare, Google+ account and a little bit of good will can I humbly ask you for a vote today? I would really appreciate that <333
My today's entry: 


  1. I think your make-up is really beautiful and simple but effective, the way I like it, too ;)
    The best part of the video is your cute smile at the end! I think the first time I saw your teeth, very beautiful!

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely message ^___^
      To tell the truth I'm pretty ashamed of my lower crooked teeth so I usually don't open my mouth publicly (>_<)

  2. very cute video! :) I wonder, what eyeliner did you use? I didn't catch that:x And I agree with the person above about that cute smile in the end ^^ You're absolutely precious! ^^

    1. Thank you so much ^___^
      I've used Animiel chocolate black eyeliner.

  3. Strasznie lubię taki make-up ;)Ślicznie w nim wyglądasz^^ bez niego zresztą też;) co prawda zawsze robiłam wersję z szarym lub lekko srebrnym cieniem, ale chyba muszę się przekonać do brązu pod liner;)
    I zdecydowanie powinnaś się więcej uśmiechać Emilko;) niestety nie mam konta, więc nie mogę zagłosować, ale trzymam kciuki^^

    super jasna cera to zasługa tego bb creamu czy natury?;)

    1. Dziękuje Ci serdecznie za miły komentarz.
      Naturalnie jestem dość blada, jednak mam lekko żółtawy ton skóry. BB go niweluje, dodatkowo troszkę rozjaśnia i nadaje bardziej porcelanowego wyglądu.

  4. You look beautiful on pictures but on the video you look so fresh and precious :) My best wishes on the contest <33

  5. you are sweety girl, so like a beautiful doll :3 ~

  6. Oh, thank you for that video <3
    I love your make up idea! So cute >.<
    Do more one vídeo about that ^.^

  7. Cute video! Can I ask you if that blush is from Canmake? I have heard a lot of nice things about it ;)