Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Tales of Xillia

Hello ヾ(^∇^)
Last month, on Black Friday (just like last year) I've bought  few PS3 games from Gamestop's promotion "buy 2 used games get one free" ^____^  They also had online sale on Tales of Xillia and it was only 19,99  for new one! That was a great chance to finally get a new jrpg! I enjoy playing jrpg sooo much but unfortunately compering to PS2, PS3 didn't have too many good ones. I must say I really miss some of the old style, turn based games with beautiful story and interesting characters.

With my husband we have a small tradition of playing a jrpg on winter holiday. One of my most memorable Christmas was the one 4 years ago, when we were playing one of my most beloved games, Folklore I remember that year so vividly, the weather was just picture perfect with flaky, white snow dancing in the air and this amazing landscape fully covered in white fluff, with beautiful sunsets in violet, yellow and pink colors.  Story and atmosphere of Folklore was so wonderfully harmonizing with winter mood at home. In game was even small dlc with Christmas outfits and a Christmas inspired quest. It was just ideal. Plus Keats in his top hat outfit looked from his hairstyle and face just like slightly older version of my husband hi hi.
I hope Tales of Xillia will also leave some good memories for this holidays

Here are few photos of my copy of game. Ahh, also it's limited edition with few bonuses; character artbook, music cd and voucher with codes for two additional costumes for main characters.

Thank you for your time


  1. I'm currently playing tales of graces f*-* when I'm finished, I'll also start with xillia. I love jrpgs so much*-*♥

    1. Aww ♥♥♥
      I haven't enjoyed any good jrpg for such a long time on PS3, so now I have high hopes for TOX hi hi ^__^

  2. I think all the games in the Tales series are lovely! I'm sure you will enjoy it very much!

    1. Thank you!
      Few years ago, I've played Tales of the Abyss and I hope I will enjoy this one at least as much, as I have enjoyed the previous game ^___^

  3. Omg Omg! I also play animal crossing new leaf too! I really like fairytales, nature, fashion and video games. Here's my friend code if you want to add me~
    my town name is Mistwood and the mayor's name is Xylia owo I'm still doing my town because I got my ACNL in May this year~