Thursday, June 19, 2014

In pink and blue....

Hello my dear readers (^・ω・^ )
How are you doing today? I hope everything is Ok!

So, tha Kawaii.i contest is still continuing and I must say I'm pretty amazed how many votes I got from you ♥ To bu true, at the beginning I was thinking I won't get more then 10 or 15... But at the moment I have over 230 votes on my first photo (*^▽^*) And even though, I'm pretty far from the top of the list, still I'm so happy to get such a positive response!

But of course, the voting is open till Saturday evening, and I would deeply appreciate every vote.
Again, I'm really sorry for bothering you with this (◡‿◡✿)

So yes, in this contest Kawaii.i is looking for prospective Kawaii Leader, some who would spread  "kawaii" around the world.
Why I have entered? Because I would love to show the simple and romantic side of kawaii and that people of any age can enjoy it. As you know, I've already finished my college, I'm married and already I'm in my late twenties and still enjoying cute, romantic fashion. I truly believe that everyone should have the chance to look outside the same way they feel inside (✿◠‿◠)

And now let's go back to photos. This are my two outfits form the last few days.

I'm sorry for the weird colors on photos of the 1st outfit, but they were taken pretty late and I had to work a little bit with color settings and filters.

Thank you so much for your time (◡‿◡✿)


  1. Ślicznie wyglądasz :) Oba zestawy są piękne :)

  2. Drugi outfit podoba mi się bardziej ^^ ale w obu wyglądasz ślicznie ;)

  3. Wyglądasz naprawdę zjawiskowo ;w; Tak z ciekawości - mieszkasz w Polsce~?

    1. Ojej, dziękuje serdecznie ♥♥♥
      Hmm, narazie nie. Dwa latat temu przyło mi przeprowadzić się do Usa, a dokładniej do stanu New Hampshire ^____^

  4. I really love the second outfit ^w^ so kawaii :'3

  5. I love both dresses, and I tend to love the pink dress a bit more than I do the light mint dress. Even if you don't win this contest you're in, you are still MY winner. To be honest... these are all lovely ladies you are up against in this Kawaii contest deal, but you are the loveliest of all among the ones entered in this contest. At least in my opinion. Still, I wish you the best in all of this. Fine outfits and lovely post.

    1. Aww, thank you for your kind words, that's so nice of you ♥♥♥ Too bad there are so unpleasant rumors about some cheated votes, but I hope everything will clear up in the end and I'm cheering for other girls too. Can't wait to see the results and be happy for the winners ^____^