Friday, August 29, 2014

Mint gingham and blue roses...

Hello, how are you (^・ω・^ )
Yay, only 9 days until premier of Destiny. Finlay, I'll be getting my white PS4. I'm sooo, soooo happy hi hi. I've spend around 30 hours while playing beta, I wonder how much time will I spend playing full game ^____^  My character will be a Awoken Hunter ♥  I'll share with you some screenshots when I get the game.
Also my remember, when few weeks ago, I've told you I was applying to Japanese Language School in Tokyo. So, yes everything is going pretty well. I've finally finished all those annoying formalities and now I have to wait till the beginning of November for my student visa update. I'll just keep my fingers crossed and hope for the best hi hi. Living in Tokyo for a half of year would be such a wonderful adventure (◡‿◡✿)

Today's look is a little boring, but last few days were soo hot  >___< Just a dress and simple shoes, if I would wear anything more I would probably have melted...
I'm sorry for the colors, but again it was pretty late when I took those photos.

Dress: Liz Lisa
Shoes: Taobao

Thank you for your time


  1. Ślicznie wyglądasz Emilko, będę trzymała kciuki, aby wszystko przebiegło po Twojej myśli :)

  2. Your simple looks, are the best looks. Trust me ^_^

  3. Have fun living in tokyo for a while, I am sure it will be fun ^.^~

    1. Thank you ♥♥♥
      There still a little bit time left my trip, but I must say, I'm getting more excited with everyday.

  4. OMG, you're always so cute *_*
    and i'm so jealous about your hair :o they are sooooo amazing, and fit perfectly with your style <3
    heum, sorry for my poor english.

    ps: i'm in love with this place. the light and the atmosphere are wonderful

    1. Aww, thank you for your kind words (◡‿◡✿)

      I'm also fan of yours looks. Your outfit are always so interesting and soo well put together ♥♥♥

  5. Sukienka jest po prostu prześliczna, a Ty wyglądasz cudownie jak zwykle :3