Saturday, September 15, 2012

Beets color

Hello ^____^
As you probably had a chance to notice I wear only a few colors, mostly creams, greens, browns and pink. Also saturated colors are not may thing, I prefer more delicate pastel or earth tones. It's a lot of easier to match clothing when there's only this many colors in closet
But to not get too bored I decided to add new inspiration to my wardrobe, tam ta taaaam: beet color (in Polish buraczkowy, from some unknown reason I love this word <3) Unfortunately, I don't think this color is to fairy like >__< Ohh well, as long as it reminds me of beets it's fine ^__^
Here are a few photos from yesterday. It's very simple outfit but I think it's kind of cute, and also very comfortable. Pleas don't pay to much attention how tired I look. My first and the most evil wisdom tooth is literally killing me. He's like a little tormentor, torturing my whole left side of face and head every few weeks.... Uhh don't mind  me...


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    1. Ale Ci ładnie w takim kolorze!

    2. Dziękuję ^___^
      Przyznam, że jeszcze nie polubiłam barszczykowego koloru tak jak mojej czołowej czwórki, ale i tak mam zamiar go od czasu do czasu wmieszać w ubrankowe zestawy.

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  3. I love this color, and I think it really suits you.


  4. A fantastic colour indeed. It's a great addition to any wardrobe and quite underrated. It's great to wear something new once in a while and really grow to like it