Sunday, September 16, 2012


Hello ^____^
I wan to introduce to you one of my favorite Korean cosmetic brand; Skinfood.
Basically, they take the inspiration for their cosmetic from the thing we eat. Their motto is "Food that is good for your health, is also good for your skin".
Skinfood has a wide selection of  make up and skin care lines of products which are based on different food like for example tomatoes, carrots, berry, honey or rice.
Here's my small collection of Skinfood items:
I must say Skinfood has never let me down and I love all the thing I bought from them. Good Afternoon Honey Tea BB Cream is the best BB cream I ever had, and Facial Water berry cream has the most pleasant texture of all creams I have ever used. Besides how good this cosmetics are for my skin, I really like how nice they smell. They doesn't have typical artificial, cosmetic scent which really annoys me. They smell nice and delicate, like the thing they are made from ^___^  Also, I  enjoy how cute Skinfood cosmetic are packed. Yeahh, I know it's not that important, but well I'm just a girl and I love adorable thing. Opening those cute packages every morning for my daily skin routine, makes it just more enjoyable ^____^
The only cons I see is that there's no actual Skinfood store anywhere near me. I buy everything online and it would be soooo nice to actually go to the store and have the opportunity to see them or try some samples before buying.  Skinfood, open your store in New England pleas!
I'm not a cosmetic expert, I just buy things that work good for my skin and look nice and my face (and aren't to pricy!) and Skinfood fits my needs just perfect.

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