Monday, December 31, 2012

When the last day of the Old begins...

Ahh, it's already another Monday, time flays soooo fast.
That's probably because I've spent the last week playing my little holiday gift I got from my husband (tough I'm still not to sure if it truly was meant to be my present, because I think he spent more time playing it then me hi hi)
And what game it was? As a small gift to celebrate New Year's eve I'll post the answer as a small video hi hi. Of course it's nothing serious, just my fairy self being a little bit silly.

Yes, it's Disgaea 4! The first one and second were wonderful games, I've skipped third one but the forth is defiantly the best <3

Another thing are of course new year's resolutions. I actually never made any, I think I'm juts too lazy for this kind of things, but this year I have one!  Improve my Japanese language! I was studying hard for the last 3 years, but the day I graduated, and it was half year ago, my fairy laziness didn't allow me to spend on studying even one hour >___< So from next year, 3 times a week, one hour of Japaneses.  No more spending whole days on drinking tea, eating cookies and playing video games  hi hi.

今年七月日本の学科大学を卒業しました。残念、私は怠け者ですからこの時から勉強しませんでした。。。 このせいで日本語少し忘れてしました。 だから、来年から、漢字と文法の練習しよう。 四月、日本へ行きたいからがんばります! 日本の友達があったら私の文法や話し方がよくなったとおもいます。 今、下手です。。。たくさん間違いをします。


  1. Ten filmik jest taki uroczy :D

  2. Hi:3
    How are you?
    looks very interesting this game>.<
    You bought this wreath or you made​​? It's very cute *w*
    Kisses and hugs

    1. Thank you,
      I bough this wreath online ^___^

  3. Hello!! I just wanted to say hi..I found your blog through lookbook and think you are so darling and love your pretty pics..I just ordered some skinfood bb cream on your recommendation and can't wait to see how I like it!!
    Hope you had a wonderful Holiday and Happy New Year!!
    in Alabama:)

    1. Thank you soooo much for your nice comment! I'm really flattered.
      I hope you will like this bb cream as much as I do, tough it's always hard to chose right one, because how different face everyone have. Also to prevent face from shining, I always finish my Skinfood bb with a touche of powder ^___^

  4. 大丈夫です。

    1. ありがとう <3