Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Day 3 - Harajuku

Today, again I want to share with you some photos from my trip ^____^
Of course one of the "must see" destination in Tokyo for everyone whose so obsessed with Japanese fashion as I am is Harajuku, so I wanted to go there as soon as I could. Finally I could "doll up" my looks; lenses, lashes and cute clothing <3333
Please excuse this dead bear hanging around my bag all the time, but it was still not too warm, and this was my emergency cold clothing.
Before throwing myself in to this almost sinful pleasure of shopping at Takeshita street, first I went to see Meiji shrine and Yoyogi park ^___^
On the way to the shire, first we visited  beautiful inner garden. I was actually surprised how peaceful it was in opposite to very crowded road to the shrine. It was another charming place full of beautiful  flowers and trees. Also the light there was so nice and soft so I almost didn't have to do anything with photos:

 After the garden, time for Meiji shrine.

Hi hi, few inches more and I will look like walking Cousin Itt from behind.

Also, again I was amazed how nicely people in Tokyo were reacting to me. All those cute girls smiling and weaving to me, saying  "kawaii" all the time.  It was very flattering <3 Often, when I was posing for my husband, few other people were stopping and also taking my pictures.
Though to be true, I must say I'm really enchanted by how beautiful Japanese women are and compering to them I felt pretty average. So many times I was passing by some women and all I could think was how heavenly pretty they were <3333

Yoyogi park

And finally Takeshita street

At that day, I've bough some cute clothing from Wonder Rocket some nice thighs and also went to the Sweets Paradise for the all you can eat sweets buffet. Ahh, I've loved this place soo much, sooooo many delicious cakes <333 I wish there would be similar place here, where I live >___< I would be in my own fairy heaven...
 After lovely dessert, it was already pretty late and dark. By metro we went to the famous Shibuya scramble crossing to take picture with Hachiko. I knew that Saturdays nights are very crowded there but I didn't image that there will be as many people  O___O Taking picture seemed to be almost impossible so we abounded that idea and went to Shibuya 109 to buy cute dress at Liz Lisa store ^____^  Girls at LL are sooo adorable, and one of them remembered me from 2 day earlier, when I was at Alta Studio in Shinjuku <333333 I was really happy because I often admired her photos of daily outfits on LL website hi hi.
After that we went back to our hotel, left all the baggage and around 10pm for a nice stroll around Chiyoda.
Thank you for your time ^_____^


  1. ładne fotki po raz kolejny a zdechły misio całiem uroczy

    1. Dziękuje ^___^
      Dzięki chłodnej pogodzie miał szansę zwiedzić pół Tokyo zwisając sobie przy torbie!

  2. You're so beautiful and I love your fairy doll looking style! ^.^

    1. Aww, thank you so much for your nice comment <3

  3. beautiful pictures*-* and lovely outfit. Ahh I miss Japan </3

  4. Your Chiyoda picture is so amazing!!