Wednesday, May 15, 2013

My first fairy outfit post

Finally, I've done my first outfit video! Unfortunately my camera focus only on small distance and half of the video is pretty blurry >___< I tried to do some closeups to show the details but I don't think it turned out very well.
For this video I wanted to do some cute, casual outfits I would wear for nice stroll in the park or around town. Something simple but still with a small  touch of ethereal feeling.

Outfits rundown:
Dress - Wonder Rocket
Long Skirt - Ebay, Blouse - Taobao
Shoes - Taobao, Flower Bracelet - Paris Kid's
Hat - Wonder Rocket, Blouse - Taobao
Skirt - Liz Lisa, Bag - Yumetenbo
Dress - Liz Lisa
Hat - F&F, Cardigan - Wonder Rocket
Dress - Taobao
Cardigan - Wonder Rocket, Dress - Axes Femme
Shoes - Secret Shop, Bag - H&M
Hair clip - Paris Kid's
Lace shirt - MM Angel (taobao), Lace dress - Ruis collection (taobao)
Cardigan - Wonder Rocket, Hair Ribbons - Paris Kid's
Blouse - MM Angel (taobao)

Thank you for your time ^___^


  1. You are seriously so adorable, I love your outfits ♥

  2. So cute. I love your videos.
    The last outfit was so different of what you usually wear. Maybe was the cat ears ~*

    1. Thank you ^___^
      Yes, it is hi hi. I usually don't wear black,(and of course never leave house with ears on my head) but I wanted to do something different for the video ^___^

  3. that's weird with the focus... maybe you accidentally left a macro setting on when switching to recording mode?

    Super cute outfits though! ^^

    1. Aww, thank you <3
      I really don't know what's with this camera. I used it in two different programs and tried auto and manual focus and it didn't work at all. I also tired two different cameras, one from laptop and ps3 eyetoy and they focused ok, but their overall quality is pretty low so it doesn't help at all >___<
      I think I just need a new camera...

  4. You're so adorable!
    Can you tell us about your love story with your husband, how did you meet each other etc.? I'm sure it's like a fairytale

    1. Aww, thank you for your nice comment.
      I would love to share the story but my husband is rather private person and I don't think he would be ok with me writing too much of the details here.
      But I can tell you that I've met him on my first day of high school and the second I saw him, instantly fell in love <3 Then for the next half of year I asked him out few times, but he never shown up until my 5th or 6th try.
      I would say it was something like typical girls manga story with very shy girl and silent buy in the dark corner of the corridor hi hi ^___^

    2. Ohhhhh sounds so romantic \(//∇//)\ thanks for the answer :)
      But its so hard somehow to imagine a beauty like you asking sb out, and especially this sb not showing up after first invitation. I guess it's just because you are too stunning *3*
      If its not too private, can you tell me, how did you get courage to ask guy out several times? It just sounds so stressful. 。・°°・(>_<)・°°・。

  5. These outfits are really cute! I especially adore the second outfit, and also that pink cardigan with the lace is really pretty! I was wondering, do you wear hair extensions? Your hair is so long and beautiful.

    1. Thank you so much ^___^
      No, I don't use any extensions, this is all my natural hair <3