Thursday, June 20, 2013

Anmiel eyeliner and mascara review

Today, I want to write a review for 2 eye make up products I got back in Japan.

When I buy make up I often go for the brand products and the reason for it is that by buying them I know what kind of end result I will get. Some of the popular Asian cosmetics products like eye shadow, lipsticks, eyeliner etc, are designed to give girls and women cute and romantic look and choosing this brands gives me some kind of guarantee of this.  Often eyeshadows or blushes from "western" companies seems to look really similar in the package buy after putting it on the face it just doesn't look the way the original Korean or Japanese products looked. The difference can be really subtle, like a little bit change tone  or shimmer, but the overall look is just not the same.
Plus Asian cosmetics usually have 100 times cuter packages and as much as it isn't that important I just enjoy using pretty things <3 Of course the biggest down side of this, is that often I have to pay higher price just for the "name". But as long I'm happy with my make up, it's something I can put up with. I prefer to have fewer products that I really like then a lot of not fitting me things. Of course I don't want to say that's impossible to find collection of  cute make up in local drug stores, of course it is, I just think its harder to collect items for one, specific look.
Ok, lets start with the review. 
First: Kose Anmiel Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner

I've chosen this eyeliner mostly because it was signed by Kumicki who's adorable Popteen model and I often use make up tips from this magazine so I though it will be suitable for my needs.
I must say I really love it! I think it's the best eyeliner I've ever used. It's a pen liquid eyeliner with very thin end.  I really enjoy using it because is so easy to draw with. You can easily make very thin line or with few storks make a little bit thicker one. I've used 2 pen eyeliners earlier, but it was always bad experience. First because they didn't want do draw on my eyelid and I had to cut a little bit of their end to make them do so and second, they were just hard to use. This one is just flawless.

As you can see on the photo I could easily draw with it whatever I wanted. The color is just as the name says chocolate brown. It's not very vivid but blends nicely with my make up, especially if I make some lines with dark brown eyeshadow first. The insensitivity can be build a little bit, by drawing few layers. Also like all dark brown eyeliners I've used it actually looks black on the eye.You can see comparison of  the color with pure black Maybelline gel eyeliner (which I find pretty awful and unfriendly in use..) This eyeliner doesn't smudge, stays in its place and wears without need of any touche up to for 5-6 hours. Unfortunately my eyeliner skills are quite awful and often my lines looks pretty sloppy, but for everyone who's good with make up it can be a magic rode ideal for drawing any kind of lines your heart desire ^___^  Also the package is quiet cute, with angelic looking Kumicky on the photo with pretty white roses in her hair. Design on the pen itself is cute too <3
If I would have to point out some of its cone, first thing  that comes to my mind is the price. I bought it for about 1000 yens (around 10 dollars) in Tokyo , and it think you can't buy it online for anything lower then 15 dollars, so it's rather on the pricey side.
My verdict: 5/5
Pros:   -  looks really nice on eyes
           -  easy to apply
           -  last long
           - cute package

Cons: - a little bit pricey

Kose Anmiel Long and Curly Mascara
I bough this mascara mainly for the same reasons  for which I've bough eyeliner. It's relatively new product from Kumicky's last Fleur Fleur line. Also I'm always interested in mascaras that would be a good  everyday alternative for fake lashes. I use fake lashes mostly for photos or some bigger days, but it would be really nice to have cute lashes for everyday makeup too ^___^ Fleur Fleur caught my attention because its interesting formula with small fibers attaching to your lashes making it look longer and more specular.
As you can see on the photo its brush looks like small, black, hairy caterpillar hi hi. I must say I'm happy with this mascara. I really like the end effect on my lashes. It makes them looks much, much longer and a little bit curled. Very nice <3 It doesn't separate eyelashes one by one, but rather clumps it in small patches making them look more like fake lashes. It definitely not the most natural looking makeup but when it comes to lashes I prefer mascaras that makes them look a little bit dramatic.

Unfortunately, it can be tricky to apply. Sometimes I can put it perfectly, but often some fibers get crazy and attach in weird way and I have to spend some time on grooming and removing it. Also it starts to crumble after 3-4 hours  leaving small, black dots and parts of fibers on ma face.
I find it even harder to use on the lower lashes. 
The package says to apply it with the tip of the brush in horizontal motion.  When it is put on in this way, it glues lashes in to bigger, triangular shaped patches. Unfortunately again small fibers not necessary want to cooperate with you and additionally if there's too much mascara on the tip of brush, it can turn lashes in to small, crumpled disaster. Usually I use this mascara for the upper eyelid and then use different one on  lower lashes (mostly Canmake Gokubuto).
Overall I think it's adorable mascara, something between natural and fake lashes. Applying it needs a little bit more time and patience but in my opinion it looks wonderful on upper lashes and I will gladly repurchase it once more.
My verdict: 4/5
Pros:   - makes upper lashes look long and curtly
           - cute package
Cons:  - sometimes hard to apply
           - not the best for lower lashes 
           - a little bit pricey
End result:

Here's a better quality picture of eyeliner and mascara on my eyes from two different days:

And here comparison; first photo with almost no eye make up,only a small touche of pale pink eyeshadow. (I'm sorry for looking creepy  >__<)
And here after using those two products, plus dark brown eyeshadow.
I'm sorry for not the best photos.  Internet camera photos have to low quality to show my make up and I can't make good photos of my face with sony camera because is too big >___< 
Still I hope I've manage to show you quality of this two products.
I also got one pair of Anmiel eyelashes, but I'll write about them in my next review.

Thank you for your time ^___^


  1. That eyeliner looks really good o.o
    I've been looking for eyeliners that have natural colors..obviously I wasn't looking good enough xD I will find this when I go to a near by drug store (in Japan of course)! >:D

    1. Yes, this eyeliner is really nice, without doubt the best I've ever use ^__^

  2. One of my most favourite japanese cosmetics brand is MAJOLICA MAJORCA - it's a subbrand of Shiseido and the quality is just great. I love the rouge, eyeshadow and their Mascara is just great. I can recommend that brand :3

    1. I've read a lot of good things about MM, especially about their mascaras. I have to try it in the future ^___^

  3. That eyliner looks amazing*_* I've always wanted one with a very thin end but I couldn't find a good one until now. Maybe I'll try this. thank you!:3

    1. I think it's really nice eyeliner, much, much better then the one I've used before ^___^

  4. How come you look so pretty even without make up;) But you look more like a baby;)
    Anyway you're just too cute Emily;) Love that eyeliner+mascara effect;) it looks really nice;)
    But if you're looking for a good mascara for everyday use I can reccomend you Max Factor False Lash Effect:) I love it;) It's so easy to apply and you can achieve different looks depending on number of coats;) and what I love about it, it's no clumping mascara;) And you don't have to go to Japan to buy it;)
    Oh, and I absoulutely love your blog and your pictures;) Everytime I feel to hectic or dejected It makes my day;) Thanks Emily;)And keep it up;)

    P.S. Pozdrowienia z Polski;)

    1. Ojej, serdecznie dizekuje Ci za miły komentarz <3

      Thank you so much for your nice words, it's really flattering.
      I will keep in min your recommendation when I'll be next time shopping for mascara. As weird as it sounds most of make up products form all those famous brands like Max Factor or maybelline are actually much cheaper here in the USA then in Poland o__o

  5. u look pretty dear :) A bit of Japanese stlye